Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood [PAX 2010 Hands-on]

By Alexander Bevier
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 8:30 am
If there was a rule about playing multiplayer games at conventions, the first would be don't play with the people running the booth. The second rule would probably be don't play against the Frag Dolls; Ubisoft's all-female gamer squad. Fortunately for me, I knew my way around Renaissance Rome at PAX 2010.

Although I hadn't touched Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood before I took my assassin skills against the multiplayer-proficient ladies, I had certainly played enough of the previous game to gain every possible achievement. Read about my stalkingly-intense battle against the Frag Dolls and what's new in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood after the jump.
The Multiplayer mode starts with character selection. Players choose one of several character models. I chose the barber in honor of the demon barber Sweeney Todd (and not the Johnny Depp version. Never the Johnny Depp version). After, choosing my character, the arsenal screen pops up prompting my weapon selection.

There were four optional loadouts in the demo. Each contained an additional weapon and a tool to aid the player in being inconspicuous. These combinations ranged from hidden funs and smoke bombs, throwing knives and smoke bombs, disguises, and sprinting abilities.

Although these tools were available, I never found a need to use them. After being told who my target was, it didn't seem to hard to stalk my prey until the were close enough to feel the bite of my barber's razer. 

The game's space is filled with hoards NPCs modeled after the opposing characters, and you have to figure out which one isn't a computer. Failure to do so forces you to change your target. Success rewards you with points for subtly, speed, and other bonuses.

Playing against the Frag Dolls isn't recommended, but I did manage to rank third out of nine against them. There was also another journalist playing, but he was somewhere below me. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood's multiplayer mode was surprisingly intense and created a mood of paranoia that doesn't appear in games very often. The game succeeds in making you feel that anyone in the game could be the one to do you in.

Be sure to target this game on November 16th 2010.
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