Video Proves that Mario Needs More Ninjas

By Alexander Bevier in Videos
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 8:00 am
Super Mario Bros
. is an undisputed classic, and nothing has deterred its majesty sense its 1983 debut. The game has been re-released countless times and has received many special editions; Including revisions made by computer-savvy fans who like adding ninjas to things.

That's right, a ninja was added to Super Mario Bros.

This video showing off a hacked version of the game features Ryu Hayabusa from the NES classic Ninja Gaiden effortlessly performing feats that would normally be impossible for Nintendo's plumber. The video comes from the updated version of Super Mario Crossover (now at version 1.1). 

Be sure to check out the video after the jump and the updated game is playable here.

Hacked Mario Game - Watch more Funny Videos
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