Ninja Girl's Top 5 Overlooked 16-Bit Games

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Features, Ninja Girl, Videos
Friday, July 16, 2010 at 9:00 am
Ninja Girl: You want her, we got her!
‚ÄčNot too long ago, our Top 5 Hot Girls Playing Video Games list introduced our readers to Ninja Girl Rachel, a sexy lesbian gamer, ex-Marine and all-around kick-ass person. We started chatting with her, did a video interview, and found her to be fun, funny and easy to work with.

So starting now, Ninja Girl will be producing a new sexy gaming-related video every week, exclusively for Joystick Division.

Check out Ninja Girl's first video below, which covers her picks for 5 overlooked gems of the 16-Bit era. Which she discusses while wearing a bikini. Just FYI.
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