The Top Ten Scariest Enemies in Video Game History

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 10:00 am
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The Freaky Minions

Great horror games provide gamers with unique, powerful experiences of fear and exhilaration. While some focus on atmosphere and tension, others prefer startles and scares. But regardless of the method, all successful horror games include horrifying and disturbing creatures that hunt or stalk the weary protagonists. From meat hook throwing crawlers to spike ridden giants, each of these creatures puts a deep uneasiness in our psyches. And in return, we put bullets in their heads. Here's a list of the ten scariest, most violent, and weirdest creatures we've ever had the pleasure of dismembering. Enjoy!

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10. The Witch Left 4 Dead Series
Tool of Destruction: Claws
As far as the Infected go, no other creature is as lethal or as terrifying as a startled Witch. She is found crouching in corners, away from the violences that swarm the city streets, shielding her face in her scalpel-sharp claws. One false move, one stray bullet, one stare. That's all it takes to turn the Witch from a quiet, tearful mourner to a vicious, aggressive monster, and she will quickly try to rip a survivor apart. And with her long, spiked fingers, it only takes a swipe or two. No sound is more eerie or blood-chilling than the timid echo of her soft and bitter pout, skipping down a desolate hallway. No sound, that is, except the glass-cracking screech she lets out as she goes berserk, tearing at everything that moves.
Most Effective Method of Dispatch: Shotgun blast to the dome. A shell in her crown is almost guaranteed to end her wretched, pathetic life.

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9. ReDead Legend of Zelda Series
Tools of Destruction: Jaws
The Zelda games have not been known for their intense terror, but ReDeads have long been regarded as some of the most horrible creatures in video gaming. They huddle over, biding their time as Link steps quietly past them. Evaded, they don't do much. If they are disturbed, on the other hand, they freeze time around them and stalk Link with their hulking, wooden figures, shrieking through motionless mouths. If Link is unfortunate or careless enough to walk within arm's length, the ReDead will wrap around him and bite his neck and head. In the more recent Legend of Zelda games, the ReDead will feast upon their slain brethren, as their hunger for flesh is insatiable and out of control.
Most Effective Method of Dispatch: Magic. Din's Fire, preferably. These zombies are so dangerous in the close range that it is imperative that you damage them from afar. So it comes down to this: would you prefer a drained magic bar or a drained health bar? You decide.

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8. Fast Zombie Half-Life 2
Tools of Destruction: Claws
The aptly named Fast Zombies move with feline agility from rooftop to rooftop or through the labyrinthine parking garages that surround City 17. They harass Gordon Freeman to his wits' end. These raw-meat lookin' assholes first see the smoking barrel of his gun in the derelict city of Ravenholm, as he climbed skyward, trying desperately to flee the dangers beneath. They aren't the most powerful enemies in the game, but their ability to sneak onto platforms and appear suddenly out of the dark make them wildly fearsome. Aim for the head, and unload. It would be best to reload quickly, too, because these ruffians travel in packs.
Most Effective Method of Dispatch: Shotgun. The secondary fire will release shells from both barrels. Use this, and remove their cerebrum. They will fall like spent shell casings.

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7. Spider Splicer BioShock Series
Tools of Destruction: Meat hooks
Splicers are inherently disturbing -- none more so than the Spider Splicer. On top of their meaty, disfigured faces, they have elongated arms and tatty skin that hangs from their bones like old rags. They have the ability to sneak and crawl across ceilings and walls, dropping from above to heave a red hot meat hook at whoever gets in their way. If the danger to them is particularly unappealing, they can toss their unlimited supply of hooks at their prey, making it difficult to get a bead on them. To take one of these fuckers down requires a ton of ammo, and once you do, it's likely that there will another four or five right behind you.
Most Effective Method of Dispatch: A handy-dandy plasmid. Freeze them and take a wrench to them, or bust out Telekinesis and lob the hooks right back in their ugly, busted up faces.

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6. Deathclaw Fallout Series
Tools of Destructions: Claws
If it weren't for guns, the Deathclaws would be the apex predators of the spent American wastelands. They are fast, lithe, extremely dangerous hunters that burst forth from piles of rubble or deserted buildings. Their skin is nearly bulletproof and they are constantly pissed off. In a land full of mutation, depravity, and hopelessness, these enormous, vile reptiles hunt in small packs with incredible success. They are led by the Deathclaw Matriarch, a territorial and powerful alpha female. But regardless of gender, size, or disposition, Deathclaws exist to kill. And they've perfected the art.
Most Effective Method of Dispatch: Anti-vehicle mine. There really is no good way to kill a Deathclaw, but the anti-vehicle mines have been known to have some success. And by some success, they can extend your life by a few seconds.

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