What Quote Got YOU Fired from GameStop?

By Gary Hodges in Humor, Misc Nonsense
Wednesday, May 12, 2010 at 8:49 pm
A few weeks ago Derek Littlejohn was fired from GameStop, apparently for remarks he made to a journalist on Japanese rape sim RapeLay. Granted, his remarks were a little ridiculous (speculating RapeLay exists because Japanese people are sexually repressed), but saying something dopey can't possibly be a termination-worthy offense at GameStop. There wouldn't be anyone left to run the company!

So we got curious: Is getting fired from GameStop for saying the wrong thing a common occurrence? To find out, we sent out a whole team of seasoned journalists to GameStops nationwide to listen in on employees' conversations, publish everything they heard, and then see who got fired. Here were the top termination-worthy remarks:

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