The Top Ten Badass Ladies in Video Game History

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 9:56 am
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Badasses used to be thought of as big, snarling dudes with loud guns. But now, some of the biggest badasses are tough, fearless women who know how to take care of their business. And that business is kicking ass. Ranging from a post-adolescent with a vengeance to a zombie head-removal machine, these rock hard ladies have set out to prove that they can be just as powerful and intelligent as their male counterparts. And in doing so, they have proved much more than that. So we've decided to give proper respect to the toughest and most compelling ladies in all of gaming. Enjoy!

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10. Heather Mason Silent Hill 3
Heather Mason some managed to show the world that whiny teenage girls can become incredible badasses. In her quest of revenge for her dead father, Heather faced the worst that Silent Hill had to offer -- and she did so relying on not much more than a pocketknife. At just seventeen years old, Heather Mason's bravery and confidence proves that regardless of age or gender, a strong will and perseverance are a potent enough mix to conquer just about anything. Against remarkable odds, Heather entered the town with a single goal in mind: to whip some supernatural ass. And with that she was able to solidify herself among the great survival-horror protagonists, and earn the women of horror games some much deserved credit.
Unstoppable Badass Trait: Grit. Heather Mason didn't have the battle-hardened mentality of a Leon Kennedy or an Isaac Clarke, but her true feelings of fear synchronized nicely with the player (who was invariably wetting his or her pants at the time), giving her a real personality. And you've got to give her props for pushing through the worst and following through with her plan.

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9. Bayonetta Bayonetta
You can't hide a lady like this at the bottom of a lake for 500 years and expect her to stay that way. Bayonetta, a mysterious Umbran Witch, knows only two things: that she is sexy and that it's fun as hell to shoot things. A master of Bullet Arts, Bayonetta can gunsling with the best of them. But her lethality doesn't stop there -- even without guns, she can go on angel-slaying rampages with her bare hands for equal the effectiveness. And if she doesn't kill you with a fist or a bullet, her scalpel tongue is almost guaranteed to do the trick. Badasses are too often gruff, slow-witted slabs of muscle. Bayonetta is sleek and aggressive -- with a bit of sharp humor to add to the mix.
Unstoppable Badass Trait: Wit. Bayonetta is loaded with hilarious one liners and snide remarks. While this might not seem badass at first, nothing is worse than being called ugly while trying to dodge a hail of bullets.

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8. Lara Croft Tomb Raider Series
Put aside all the sex symbol stuff, the movie tie-ins, and the cosplayers. Stipped of that, Lara Croft is the epitome of a tough lady. She isn't afraid of treacherous caves or wild animals or jagged cliffs. Instead, she uses her academia and archeological background to seek priceless treasures and problem-solve her way through old ruins. There is something to be said for the down-and-dirty ladies that roll up their sleeves and dive right into the action. And Lara Croft not only perfected that role, in the video game world, she pioneered it. Despite what has been made of her in popular culture, you'd be hard pressed to find a stronger and more interesting leading lady.
Unstoppable Badass Trait: Adventurousness. Most people are daunted by sweltering deserts and fearsome jungles, but Lara Croft is drawn right to things of that nature -- and she doesn't need help from anybody.

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7. Cammy White Super Street Fighter Series
Pretty much any lady from the Super Street Fighter series deserves a mention in the most badass ladies of all time, but Cammy takes the top spot for her awesome fighting technique and rad M. Bison defying ways. Initially introduced as a mindless drone assassin for M. Bison, Cammy became cognizant with the help of charmer Dhalsim. And from there, no one opposing Delta Red was safe. Especially not S.I.N. Utilizing her Delta Red Auto Defense training, this 100lb ball of energy can hold her own with even the most intimidating fighters. She's got a hot temper, but she loves to take out her frustrations in the ring.
Unstoppable Badass Trait: Fearlessness. From the looks of her, Cammy doesn't have much power. But put any fighter, big or small, against her and I guarantee she'll look a lot scarier once that bell rings.

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6. Nariko Heavenly Sword
Nariko is the sole protector of the Heavenly Sword, a holy relic that is powerfully seductive to anyone that takes a hold of it. She has given her life to wield it, and with it she fights the evil King Bohan who is constantly attacking her decaying clan. This is where Nariko's ultimate badassry shines. She selflessly puts herself at risk to try and save those around her that she loves. She knows that she must keep the sword active and useful or else it will become a rusty, decrepit weapon. And if that happens, all evil will gain advantage on the earth. So Nariko does what Nariko must do: cut down every shitbag that she sees.
Unstoppable Badass Trait: Selflessness. In the darkest hour, Nariko and her father decide that she is the last hope for the clan. So she takes up arms and starts hacking and slashing her way toward salvation.

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