Quadriplegic Gamer Starts Button Remapping Petition

By Jeremy M. Zoss in Gaming News
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 at 5:00 pm

I got an email today from Chuck Bittner, the quadriplegic gamer and comedian who can be seen playing Modern Warfare 2 in the video above. Chuck runs the website "AskACapper.com," in which he answers questions about the life of a handicapped individual.  Chuck's trying to garner support for custom button mapping in video games, something that would allow anyone (including those with disabilities) to rearrange the button layout on the controller. It's a great cause that would allow for greater accessibility in games, something that we fully support.

You can sign Chuck's petition here. You can also visit his website here, which is home to some pretty funny stand-up material. Check it out.

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