The Top Ten Scariest Characters in Video Game History

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 9:38 am

EvilOtto (570 x 428).jpg
He's the smiling one.

5. Evil Otto Berzerk
Tools of Destruction: Himself
Sometimes characters are put in games for one reason only: to stress the hell out of those that are playing. Evil Otto is that character. He was implanted into the game to make sure that the player doesn't dillydally through the various mazes and levels. You may ask yourself, "What's so scary about that?" Well, Evil Otto isn't just evil. He's invincible. He will destroy you in one hit and he is very, very fast. In an age where blood and monsters weren't around to scare you, a supervillain wearing only a smile was guaranteed to make your pulse rate fly way up and set you hurrying as quick as you could toward the end of the level. And I do believe that is the definition of scary.
Insanity Diagnosis: Dependent Personality Disorder. Evil Otto, though evil, needs some love. That's why he's willing to bust down walls just to get to you. Yeah, it'll kill you if it happens, but Otto is just really affectionate.

Scissorsman (570 x 428).jpg
He's a mohel by day.

4. Scissorman Clock Tower Series
Tools of Destruction: Big ass shears
The Scissorman is straight out of a 1980s horror movie. Born Bobby Barrows, the Scissorman is a psychopathic hunter with a child's cruel sense of humor. He will often toy with his victim (namely you) by cackling and dancing over you before he decides to slice you to bits. Contrary to most survival-horror games, the Clock Tower series focuses more on hiding and elusiveness rather than running and gunning. And that only adds to the Scissorman's fearsomeness. He pops out of elevators, scrutinizes hiding places, and generally won't let you stand around for more an a few minutes. The Scissorman's ability to instill in the player a constant sense of panic is why he will always be regarded as one of the most nefarious and horrible antagonists in all of video gaming.
Insanity Diagnosis: Antisocial Personality Disorder. The Scissorman is, in many ways, a serial killer kid with a mischievous streak. And a giant pair of snippers.

We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking...

3. Piggsy Manhunt
Tools of Destruction: Chainsaw
Piggsy, at first, looks like a giant bipedal pig. He snorts and sniffs and looks generally disgusting. But this just isn't the case. Piggsy only thinks he's a pig. In reality, he is a mentally ill man who is locked away in an attic who wears a pig head mask and nothing else. He also happens to wield a giant red chainsaw. Not only is this hulking being very difficult to kill, he can also sniff out the protagonist Cash from damn near anywhere he can hide. It'll take a lot of time and effort to trick this big bastard into giving you the upper hand. But once you have that, you will be able to defeat him. Or, I should say 'dehand' him, as killing him involves nipping of a paw or two.
Insanity Diagnosis: Dissociative Delusional Disorder. Piggsy is obviously not right in the head. He thinks he's a pig, after all. Unfortunately, though, he doesn't think that he's a pacifist.

LisaTrevor (570 x 401).jpg
That's a handsome woman.

2. Lisa Trevor Resident Evil: The REmake
Tools of Destruction: Big shackled hands, ugly mug
One of the most tragic and frightening characters of all time is Resident Evil's Lisa Trevor. She was the human test subject on numerous experiments that mutated her both mentally and physically. The Spencer family researchers gave her "type-B" Progenitor virus, along with her mother, who received the "type-A." Lisa unfortunately survived this infestation. Her mother, on the other hand, was killed -- not by the virus itself but by the Spencer family, who were displeased with her body's reaction. Lisa became unstable and cruel with the loss of her mother, and searched for the tomb where her mother was buried. She found it, eventually, but could not open it and was forced to return to the facility to be subjected to more tests. Now, years later, she lurks alone in the Arkalay mansion where she was tested on. The only goal in her hideous life is to be reunited with her dead mother, though her shackles and blurred mental state make that a near impossibility. Without some outside help, at least.
Diagnosis: Bipolar Disorder. Lisa Trevor goes between feeling a loping, numbing loneliness and a violent and unpredictable rage. Her traumatic past mixed with the insane viruses side-effects make Lisa a fearsome, psychotic monster.

Pyramid_Head_1 (570 x 428).jpg
If that's what his head looks like...

1. Pyramid Head Silent Hill
Tools of Destruction: A gigantic blade, his pant-shittingly scary aggressiveness
Not too much is known about this iconic bad boy. Except, of course, the havoc he can wreak. He appears as a strong, tall dude that wears a big sheet around his waist. His head is adorned in what looks like a torture chamber that has a single slit drilled into it. Everything about him is emotionally draining to deal with -- from his twitchy movements, his sexual assault of little monsters, the grinding of his giant sword -- and being chased by him in Silent Hill 2 ranks with all of the scariest moments in video gaming history. Pyramid Head has become less and less of a fixture over the last few Silent Hill games, but we are hoping that is just to allow players to catch their breath and get a nightmare-less night's sleep before encountering him again.
Insanity Diagnosis: Everything. You name it. Pyramid Head is violent, twitchy, sexually fucked-up, and totally antisocial. You'd probably be too if you had to wear that helmet all the time. Let's hope it stays on for a while.

Honorable Mentions: Nemesis (Resident Evil 3), SHODAN (System Shock 2), Adam the Clown (Dead Rising), Sander Cohen (BioShock), Tingle (Legend of Zelda), The Red Ring of Death (Xbox 360)

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