The Top Ten Scariest Characters in Video Game History

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 9:38 am
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The Twisted Ten

The video game world is chock full of weird and terrifying characters. Ranging from an evil smiley-face to a science experiment gone totally haywire, these beings are as varied as they are creepy. Though they have their unique personalities and abilities, they all share one thing: they are murderously insane. So, for your entertainment, I give you Joystick Division's shortlist of the scariest, craziest, and most twisted characters in video game history. Enjoy!

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10. Dr. J.S. Steinman BioShock
Tools of Destruction: Tommy gun
Dr. J.S. Steinman descended into Andrew Ryan's underwater metropolis in search of one thing: perfecting the art of cosmetic surgery. Above the surface of the sea, Steinman was a world renowned plastic surgeon. It was his success that granted him tenure in Rapture, and he quickly set to work on manipulating people's features to be more beautiful than ever before. Once he discovered ADAM and its genetic-enhancement capabilities, he realized that the potential for medical progress was expanding like nothing anyone could possibly imagine. And then his quest became a dangerous obsession. He began experimenting on people's faces with zero abandon and his lair in the Medical Pavilion became a torture house.  From it, he produced some of the most horrific and gruesome works of 'art' conceived by a human being. Steinman is the example of how selfish intentions, blind ambition, and vocational proficiencies, when mixed together, can sometimes go awry. Very, very awry.
Insanity Diagnosis: Impulse Control Disorder. Steinman became addicted to his quest for creating beauty, and with that, he completely lost his grip on reality. Sadly, for the people of Rapture, his obsession often times led to them losing their faces...or much, much more.

Bella_sisters (570 x 428).jpg
Butterfaces, likely

9. The Bella Sisters Resident Evil 4
Tools of Destruction: Chainsaws
The Bella Sisters are not quite as cute as their name makes them out to be. Found in rural Spain, these violent vixens have been infected with Las Plagas and allowed to run amok in the villages surrounding some pretty ominous looking castles. They were created by members of the Los Illumanados cult who wanted to control their minds using the ancient parasite, and the side effects of the intoxication are terrifying. Appearing in both the narrative mode and the Mercenaries mini-game, these destructive damsels are slow moving, extremely persistent, and psychotically pissed off. I would say, when met with the choice towards the beginning of Resident Evil 4, choose the path of El Gigante. In this case, one big angry enemy is way more tame than two little crazy ones. Because they are damn hard to take down.
Insanity Diagnosis: Intermittent Explosive Disorder. Just the sight of you will set these two chainsaw-wielding wenches into a fit of rage. And the only thing that will satiate their wild anger is chipping right through your spinal column.

AlmaList (570 x 342).jpg
Kids these days...

8. Alma Wade F.E.A.R. Series
Tools of Destruction: Her mind, your mind, your mind on fire, and fire.
Let Alma Wade be a lesson to all of the overbearing parents out there. As a child, Alma Wade was capable of amazing psychic abilities, though she showed signs of being disturbed mentally. Her father, a researcher named Harlan Wade, worked at a facility called Armacham Technology Corporation. After discovering his daughter's psychic potential, Harlan put her in Project Paragon -- a series of tests that could calculate Alma's psychic boundaries. The two worked tirelessly together to make sure she succeeded. When she was five, though, she started failing the exams on purpose. The strenuous tests forced upon her and the conditioning she was exposed to turned her mental instability into a murderous vendetta against those around her. After setting fire to a laboratory, she was locked in a vault and impregnated in hopes of producing another psychic child. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the last straw.
Insanity Diagnosis: Oppositional Defiance Disorder. Alma learned from a very young age to hate authority. After being forced against her will to participate in the tests, she began acting out. Acting out, in this sense, meant killing people.

Giygas (570 x 356).jpg
I see a red cloud and I want it painted black

7. Giygas Mother/Earthbound
Tools of Destruction: Evil
The origin of Giygas is a weird one. He was born to an alien race and raised by two humans named Maria and George who were abducted when he was a child. As he grew, he formed a very special bond with Maria, and she would sing him lullabies and nurture him. Sadly, though, he was being brought up as a harbinger of the destruction of the human race. His native species had a little something called PSI (essentially psychokenesis), and they did not want the powers seeping down onto Earth. Giygas was torn between the love for his guardians and his duty to destroy mankind. His natural coldness of being around the Starmen army made him detach from his mother and wage war on Earth. What spawned from that was Giygas becoming pure and unforgiving evil, an incarnation of sin itself. He controlled life forms and berated the protagonist Ness mentally throughout Ness' journey. And to top it off, he even set off the apocalypse. What an asshole.
Insanity Diagnosis: Separation Anxiety Disorder. Giygas wasn't always all bad. When he had the loving care of his guardians, he seemed to have compassion and human emotions. But when he was forced to rip himself away, his anger overcame him and he decided to try and end life as we know it.

Tattooed_Priestess (570 x 399).jpg
Kinda emo

6. Reika Kuze Fatal Frame III
Tools of Destruction: Touch
Like so many evil characters in gaming, Reika Kuze's story is a tragic one. She was a young lady when it was decided that she would be sacrificed by impalement in a cultish ritual put on by the village in which she lived. She became a Tattooed Priestess, as magic tattoos covered most of her body, in response to a giant unknown tragedy that befell her town. The sad thing about it is that she was in love with a dude named Kaname, and in her ritualistic death sentence, she was torn way from him. In defiance, she allowed for her tattoos to overcome her eyes, which apparently is a very, very bad thing, and from that act the Unleashing occurred. The Unleashing being the opening of Hell and the unleashing of evil spirits. With terror now set upon Earth, Reika wandered the Rift -- a patch between the physical and metaphysical -- where she would unleash her own Hell upon those that dared to cross her.
Insanity Diagnosis: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The numerous evils that crossed Reika before and after her death led her to become the horror that she is. Be it a lost love, a destroyed home, or the flood of Hell onto Earth, Reika has seen it. And probably caused some of it.

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