The Top Ten Sexiest Video Game Characters

By James Hawkins in Lists!
Thursday, March 18, 2010 at 9:24 am
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The Sexiest

Many video games focus on sexy characters to help keep the gamers interested. There is an allure in the fact that each time we power-up our consoles we get to escape into worlds filled with beautiful men and women. Be it a spelunking hottie or a zombie-killing hunk of muscle, the sexiest video game characters are the ones that make our eyes go wide each time we see them, while giving us strong, memorable personalities that we can adhere to. Here's Joystick Division's top ten list of sexiest characters in video gaming. I do hope you enjoy it...

Zoe (570 x 428).jpg
Even pixelated, she's still fine as they come.

10. Zoe Castillo Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
At the beginning of her story in Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, Zoe Castillo is a university dropout living in her father's upscale condo in Casablanca in 2219. She is experiencing an existential crisis and spends her days moping around her room talking to this goofy monkey-thing called Wonkers. Then, one day, while delivering a package for her ex-boyfriend (who is apparently missing), she gets caught up in a dual-reality, what's-real-and-what-isn't story that involves murder, brain-washing, and dreamworlds. While the game will be remembered for its involving plot and mediocre gameplay, the lush characterization and unique looks of Zoe Castillo make her one of the sexiest video game characters of all time.
What makes her so damn sexy: Zoe is a head-strong, morally conflicted character who looks out for those close to her.  She becomes more and more attractive throughout the game, as you get to know her character and the hurdles she has to face in the story. And she looks real good in them drawers.

Louis (570 x 356).jpg
That's some country-ass bullshit!

9. Louis Left 4 Dead
Not much is known about this handsome survivor. Not even his last name. What we do know is that this Left 4 Dead protagonist works in the IT department of a company. Well, he used to, anyway, before the Infection hit and reduced most of society to a group of mindless, brain-hungry zombies. Now, Louis and three other survivors spend every waking hour moving through buildings and alleyways, searching desperately for ways to escape the city and reach safety.  Usually seen wielding a submachine gun or some pistols, this tall, dark drink of water shows us what it takes to make it when you've got the world against you. And by 'against you,' I mean 'trying to eat your insides.'
What makes him so damn sexy: Louis is the everyman. He has a pretty good knowledge of guns, but other than that, he's a hard worker who always tries to look on the bright side of things. And when it just so happens to be the apocalypse, a little optimism can go a very long way.

BulletWitchALICIA (570 x 348).jpg
Humina, Humina, Humina

8. Alicia Claus Bullet Witch
Witches, as it turns out, can be pretty sexy. Alicia Claus from Bullet Witch tears apart the classic wart-nosed, toothless crone stereotype and shows us that these mystical women can be sleek and steamy. In 2013, after a series of natural disasters and a rampant infestation of demons on Earth, Alicia sets out on a journey to scout the the wrecked landscape of an unnamed US city. She hunts demons with the help of her "gunrod," a giant weapon with various projectile-launching and magic-casting capabilities. Her job is to save humanity from the forces of evil that roam the surroundings, and she is mankind's last hope. Well, their hottest hope, anyway.
What makes her so damn sexy: She's powerful, strikingly beautiful, and she knows her way around a rod.

ChrisRedfield (570 x 321).jpg
Wanna armwrestle?

7. Chris Redfield Resident Evil
Chris Redfield is a staple character in the Resident Evil franchise. But he hasn't always been this bomb. When he was first introduced in Resident Evil 1, he was --dare I say it -- pretty average looking. Since then, he has been hitting the gym in a way that would make even the most seasoned iron-pumpers cringe. Though he is now known for his chiseled physique and sharp features, the truth is, Chris's appeal lies in the relationships he has built with his co-workers Jill Valentine and, most recently, Sheva Alomar. Loyalty is extremely important to him, and he will put a choke hold on anything that gets between him and his partner.
What makes him so damn sexy: Though Chris gets matched up with some of the finest damsels in all of video gaming, he never comes across as sleazy. He shares the workload with his partners and has an unfaltering allegiance with them. That and he has awesomely massive biceps.

KasumiDeadorAlive (570 x 429).jpg
Nice, erm, volleyballs.

6. Kasumi Dead or Alive
Really, you could argue any Dead or Alive girl into this list, but there is something really sexy about Kasumi that the other characters in the series seem to be missing. Maybe it's the compassion that her character displays, or maybe its the fact that she has an appealing vulnerability in the way she carries herself. It could be, though, that she has slightly more realistic proportions than the other characters. Whatever it is, Kasumi is a deadly fighter when she has to be, and a caring, passionate person when she doesn't. In a game full of sexy, fatalistic fighters, separating from the pack is a truly impressive feat. And Kasumi has done just that.
What makes her so damn sexy: She has nice...assets...

JILLISTPIC (570 x 487).jpg
Wocka, wocka

5. Jill Valentine Resident Evil
Badass is sexy. Jill Valentine proves this each time she stars in new Resident Evil game. And thank the good lord she keeps coming back, because she also happens to get way hotter with each entry. Ever since she was paired up with the hunky Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine has become the poster child for the Resident Evil franchise -- she's smart, resilient, feisty, and remarkably beautiful. It doesn't hurt that she can pick locks and has a working knowledge of botany, either. Expect her presence in the zombie-killing juggernaut for many years to come, although, if she gets much finer, its gonna get unrealistic. But I guess I can live with that.
What makes her so damn sexy: Jill Valentine can blow up zombie heads with the best of them. Sometimes she wears a mini skirt, sometimes a skin tight battle suit. Either way, she makes the business look good.

THISDRAKEONE (570 x 321).jpg
I'm prettier than you are, honey.

4. Nathan Drake Uncharted
The developers at Naughty Dog tried very hard to make Nathan Drake a character that represents your everyday average Joe. Well, sorry guys, but you missed your mark by a mile, at least in the looks department. Nathan Drake, the supposed descendant of Sir Francis Drake, is about as gorgeous as video game men get, and we're completely okay with that. His witty dialogue and strong, nuanced character make him unique in the video gaming world, and that is a feat in and of itself. What the developers were able to do with his persona, though, was give him a totally likable attitude to match his awesome character design. In that sense, they were right on target because he is easy to relate to and endearing. Nathan Drake is quickly becoming the face of the PlayStation 3, and it's lucky for us that he's on that system because with those graphics, you get to enjoy every pixel.
What makes him so damn sexy: He is a mixture of Lara Croft and Indiana Jones. That's a hell of a combination.

ZeroSuitSamus2 (570 x 409).jpg
Let me slip into something more comfortable...

3. Zero Suit Samus Metroid
In the history of kick-ass video game women, Samus Aran reigns supreme. Not only does she head one of the most acclaimed Nintendo franchises ever, she has space combat down to a science. She's lean, agile, and powerful -- exactly what we gamers find so attractive in our video game heroines. The armor does provide more protection, yes, but in the Zero Suit, she's able to move more freely and rely less on her projectiles. Either way, though, we love following her as she jumps from level to wild in search of Mother Brain. Maybe someday they'll be a Zero Clothes Samus. One can always dream, right?
What makes her so damn sexy: She was Master Chief before even Master Chief was Master Chief. Samus Aran is the original sci-fi action/adventure protagonist, and through all the years of robot head busting, she's kept her femininity in tact while still being able to kick ass better than damn near every other character.

Lara Croft (570 x 570).jpg
The definitive hottie.

2. Lara Croft Tomb Raider
Lara Croft isn't just a video game character anymore. She's a cultural icon. This cave-diving, treasure-hunting heroine is probably the most recognizable female in video game history. And with good reason. She pioneered video game protagonists with her witty, intelligent personality and striking good looks. Initially, though, her sexiness was supposed to come from her strength and intellect, but her trademark pistol holsters, tan shorts, and epic figure have made her into the ultimate sex symbol. Now, and most importantly, we can thank the developers at Core Design for the influx of strong, kick ass women in video gaming. And there sure are a lot of them, but few have been able to reach the level of the original.
What makes her so damn sexy: Better question, what doesn't make her so damn sexy?

Tifa3 (570 x 321).jpg
Beauty, thy name is Tifa.

1. Tifa Lockhart Final Fantasy
If you become arguably the most loved character in any big video game franchise, you have achieved a great feat. If that franchise happens to be Final Fantasy, then I'd say you're a legend. Tifa Lockhart debuted in Final Fantasy VII and has been one of the most loved characters of all time because of her physical and emotional strength, coupled with a sweet mini skirt and a bangin' bod. Tifa Lockhart's make-up mixes a remarkably sexy physique, striking features, and killer eyes. Like the best of the babes, she only gets easier on the eyes as the years go by. Yeah, if I had to choose my e-girlfriend, I would definitely go with Miss Lockhart.
What makes her so damn sexy: Tifa Lockhart has it all -- her character depth, emotional fortitude, fearsome physical abilities and overall sexiness make her the hottest in history.

Honorable Mention: Leon S. Kennedy, Ivy, Kitana, Chun Li, Joanna Dark, pretty much any hot video game character (depending on your tastes)
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