Mississippi Library Adding Video Games To Inventory

By David Savage in Gaming News
Monday, November 30, 2009 at 9:15 am
​Jackson-George Regional Library System has used their grants from the Library Services and Technology Act to buy $13,000 worth of video games. The library hopes that offering videos games will help them draw in "teens and young adults" according to Southern Mississippi's Sun Herald.

Library Director Carol Hewlett says

"To enhance the new teen gaming programs, the library system will soon have more than 50 different video-game titles available for circulation at all eight branch libraries. Games can provide learning and enrichment in the medium most attractive to today's children and teens. It's a natural step forward for public libraries." 

People can check out two games at a time for up to one week (I'm guessing you can't extend that time due to the limited availability and demand for the games). The library system is hoping to use the games to expose children and teens to literature that can't be missed once you enter a library. 

Most games they are carrying will be ESRB rated "E", but many are rated "T" (they can't expect to lure in teenage gamers with Mario). 

Hopefully the branches will be keeping data on whether or not their patrons are checking out books with their games or just coming in to take advantage of free games. Or maybe it was their plan to have people only check out games and have them forget about having to return them and cashing in on the late fees. That's it! Oh those sly librarians.
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