Judge Plays Sick To Game Modern Warfare 2 All Day

By David Savage in Gaming News
Monday, November 23, 2009 at 11:25 am
There's nothing wrong with fooling your parents into thinking you're sick so you can improve your Modern Warfare skills. I'd even go so far to say there's nothing wrong with calling in sick to your crappy retail or IT job when you get the unbearable itch for an all-day marathon of virtual deathmatch. The world will go on around you and nothing bad could possibly come from your choice to play hooky.

However, it's a totally different story when you're a public servant. 

Now, as the story has it, a county judge in Britain with 15 years of service (who will remain anonymous) went out and waited an hour in-line for the midnight launch of Modern Warfare 2. The 48-year-old said he was "like Charlie waiting outside the chocolate factory". That's a pretty intense statement from a district county judge with a wife and two kids at home.

Not even I was that excited for the UPS guy to arrive at my doorstep (though I was constantly refreshing my tracking page).

The judge was so excited that he played "long into the night" and was obviously too busy trashing every 13-year-old who dared cross him to remember his obligation to society. So, like any good gaming-addict, he called in sick to work.

Now personally I have no problem with him calling in sick after a night of binge gaming. Would you want a groggy, pissed off judge who just wants to get home to play Modern Warfare 2 residing over any case, no matter the importance? Probably not. 

The issue here is how his irresponsible actions probably wasted county taxpayer money and time. It's one thing to be a kid and do this and another to be a 48-year-old judge and do it. 

Grow up, man.
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