CNBC Host Thinks Charging For Virtual Game Items Is Fraud

By David Savage in Gaming News
Tuesday, November 24, 2009 at 2:09 am
CNBC recently talked with Playfish COO and Co-Founder, Sebastien de Halleux and Major League Gaming's Sundance DiGiovanni on the topic of social gaming. Specifically Playfish's social gaming model and EA's recent acquisition of the company.

The discussion was going well until Sebastien mentioned Playfish's business model of charging players for virtual items in the game that enhance their experience. One of the hosts, Dennis Kneale, was scoffing while Sebastien was speaking and said "Wow..." in shock.

After he finished his explanation, Kneale said "you guys got quite a racket going on", practically inferring that Playfish has something shady going on behind their business. I can only assume Sebastien was fuming after that degrading statement towards his incredibly successful company. (rant and video after the jump)

As a player of free online games, I enjoy the ability to play them cost-free, but also having the option to enhance my experience through virtual items, upgrades, currency, etc. No one forces me to buy them, I buy them because I've enjoyed the free game and I want to make the purchase. Free users are not at a disadvantage either and I am not being dishonestly extorted out of my money either. 

I find it insulting that a CNBC host would act so unprofessional and closed-minded when talking to a business professional who just made more money then he'll ever see in his life. Oh, that's it; Dennis is just jealous he didn't think of it first. 

Check out the full video below:
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