Epic Mickey Wii Details Revealed -- Forgotten Disney Characters Will Be Enemies

By David Savage in Gaming News
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 6:56 pm
Eurogamer got some early details on the new and highly anticipated Disney game, Epic Mickey. With all this soon to be common knowledge, guess there's no reason to buy the November issue of Game Informer. Sorry GameStop, but that's what you get for consistently refusing to sell me a single issue and giving me a lecture on why the subscription is better. Check out the details below (after the jump).


Epic Mickey is set in a world where the old and forgotten Disney creations are cast into a dark wold of "broken machines and bitter personalities". This world is under the control of Oswald the Rabbit (first appearance 1927), Walt Disney's first character.

Oswald hates Mickey because of his success and is looking to get revenge for years of unpopularity. So he sends his minion, The Phantom Blot
(first appearance 1939), to destroy Mickey and the cartoon world (seeing the world in turmoil would make me happy if I was a forgotten cartoon too).

The Phantom Blot uses a sticky black ink "that makes colors run and fade" to pollute the beautiful world. And as you're probably guessing, it's Mickey's job to stop Oswald and return the world to it's normal, vibrant times!


Mickey uses tools to restore the world to normal by "drawing and scribbling his way through levels, mending broken bridges by applying the right color paint or peering through walls after applying thinner". And of course, this is all done with the Wii-mote which is continuously being used in games where work and everyday activities are made to seem fun. Eurogamer's "source" also said you will have to think about your environment in order to solve puzzles (the cake is a lie).

Mickey Himself

And to top it all off, Mickey is supposedly going to get his first makeover in a long time and will look "far more retro". See the image below for a professional rendering of what Mickey may look like in the game.

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