Mega Man 9 Poster Retro Goodness

By Gary Hodges in Gaming News
Friday, September 5, 2008 at 11:05 pm

I just bought this on eBay... well, not this one, but one like it. It's a promo poster for the upcoming Mega Man 9 (due this month, supposedly), and to match the game's retro, old-school look, sound and feel, Capcom commissioned something as hideous and campy as their old-school box art from artist Gerald de Jesus. You can click on it for a bigger version... I especially like the promoted "Ultrasound Graphics Synthesis" - take that, you Blast Processing and Mode 7 pansies!

(By the way: Gerald's work is actually quite good, you can see it at his website HERE.)

I love what Capcom is doing with Mega Man 9 (and can only hope it's not a total financial disaster for them) so I couldn't pass up the poster. Just after winning I decided to go out for dinner, and since my girlfriend was busy I brought a magazine.

Sometime between finishing my appetizer and waiting for my lasagna, I had a sobering vision of myself: A thirtysomething guy wearing an Alien Hominid t-shirt and reading Game Informer, eating alone in a crowded restaurant after winning an online auction for a poster that surely nobody else in the restaurant - or even his own immediate social circle - would appreciate.

Mayhaps the pendulum has swung too far in one direction? I think it's time for a night out at the bar or a sporting event or something.

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