E3 Madness: Final Fantasy XIII coming to the Xbox 360

By Gary Hodges in Gaming News
Monday, July 14, 2008 at 8:46 pm

Among the relatively mundane 360 news coming out today (new dashboard, Mii - er, I mean Avatar support, a modest $50 price drop) comes one surprising tidbit nobody saw coming: Final Fantasy XIII - one of the handful of games named as a reason to own a PS3 - has been announced for the Microsoft console. Not exclusively, mind you - that would be the true megaton announcement - but it is coming, and according to Square-Enix, at about the same time as the PS3 version.


Wander over to a gaming messageboard right now and you'll see packs of wild, freerange fanboys snapping and snarling at each other over the news - in either sadistic delight if they're Xbox kooks, or pure rage as Sony zombies. Entertaining reading all around!

So if tonight when you're trying to sleep you hear some sort of strange, wet smacking sound outside, don't be alarmed - it's just some Sony fanboy throwing himself off a tall building. Maybe this guy.

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